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Durand Lorimer of Caen, witness to a charter in favour of the Abbot and Convent 
of St. Etienne, a.d.' 1080. 

Goscelinus Loremarins holds lands co. Essex at the time of the Domesday Survey. 

William the Lion, 1165-1214, grants lands near Perth to Hugh Lorimer and 
his heirs for services performed. 

Matthew Lorimer sold these lands to "William de Len, burgess of Perth, by whom 
they were gifred to the Abbey of Scone. 

John Lorimer, clerk, in 1245 releases in favour of the Baldwin Lorimer, 
Abbot of Scone any claim he might lutve to these lands. c. 1228. 

John Lorimer in 1375 sold a house and tenement of land in the Curfew Road, 

Alexander Lorimer in 1491 possessed a tenement in Perth near the Carmelite 
Monastery, and in 1530 Katherine Lorimer was a nun at Elcho. 

The earliest record of arms borne by any one of the name is in Pout's Heraldic 
MS., 1624, " Gu. a cross baton fitchie, a lyon ramp, arg." This is probably the 
family of Stephen Lorimer, who inherited half the Temple lands of Crichton in Mid- 
Lothian from his mother, Sarah Pentland, and his aunt Isabella, who married 
James Wauchope of Templehouse, s.p. There was another sister, Margaret, wife of 
Sir Gideon Murray of Elibank, a Lord of Session and Treasurer Depute of Scotland, 
whose son was created Lord Elibank. 

In 17'.)4 John Lorimer, M.D., Inspector of Hospitals and examining Physician to 
the II. E. I. Co., had a grant of Arg., a laurel branch 2W- oetwecn Hvo roses gu. 
Crest, A horse courant arg. Motto, virtutis gloria merces. 

From the beginning of the fifteenth century persons of the name are to be found 
in Forfarshire, probably descended from the Lorimers of Perth. 

1423. Duncan Lorimer held lands at Arbroath, and was a burgess of the Burgh. 
1482. Robert Lorimer, notary, Arbroath. 

1490. Walter Lorimer resigns in favour of John Erskine of Dun the lands of 
Kyll Croft and Chapel Croft. 

1652. William Lorimer of Dundee. 

* Compiled by R. R. Stodart. Esq. 

David Kelly, who was -baptized at Dundee 80 March, 1721, only son- who survived 
of John Kelly and Jane M'Lachlau of Dundee, went out to India as a boy in the 
service of the Dutch East India Co., and rose to position and fortune. In his will, 
made at Cochin 18 April, 177'i, he styles himself" senior upper merchant, Secundah 
and Chief Administrator of the Commandment of Malabar." lie died s.p. three 
years after, and the residue of his property, after paying numerous legacies to 
adopted children, released slaves, and charities, was inherited by his only surviving 
sister, Janet Kelly, wife of James Smith, Baldovie. In May, 1778, they purchased 
part of the estate" of Dnungeith, and named it Kellyfield. Mr. Smith was acciden- 
tally drowned in the harbour of Dundee in 1796, and his widow died s.p. in 1807, 
at the age of 91. 

James Lorimer of Kellyfield, her nearest relative and adopted son, succeeded to 
her property. He was born at Broughty Ferry 4 June, 1700 (son of Andrew 
Lorimer, master of a coasting vessel, who was drowned in the Frith of Tay, and 
Elspeth Kelly his wife), and was educated as a land surveyor. Mr. Lorimer was 
also factor on* the estates of Fintry, Douglas, Moncrieff, Rossie, etc. 

He married Elizabeth, relict of John Patullo, Ballumbie, daughter of William 
Webster, Ethiebeaton, by Catherine, daughter of John Patullo, Ballumbie. Mrs. 
Lorimer was great-granddaughter of William Webster, Ethiebeaton, who married 
Matilda, daughter of Durham of Omachie, co. Forfar. She died in 179G, and 
Mr. Lorimer ol Jan. 18 10. =p 

James Lorimer of Kellyfield, factor on the Kinnoull estates, 
resided at Aberdalgie House, Perthshire, ami was in the 
Commission of the Peace for that county. In 1801 he 
was appointed Rothesay Herald by the late Earl of Kin- 
noull, Lord Lyon King of Arms, and it is worthy of remark 
that through 'his mother he could count as kinsmen Sir 
Alexander Durham of Largo, who was appointed Lord 
Lyon at the Restoration, and William Patullo, a Herald 
in the reign of David II. Mr. Lorimer married in 1815 
his cousin-german, Janet Webster, daughter of Robert 
Webster, an eminent agriculturist of his day, who rented 
many farms in the Carse of Gowrie, and Margaret Hunter, 
of the family of the Hunters of Glencarse and Seaside, co. 
Perth, and 'sister of James Webster of Balruddery, co. 
Forfar, and of Major-General Thomas Webster of Balgarvie, 
co. Fife. She died in 18G6, in her 91st year, and he in 
his 90th year, 20 Dec. 1808. 

Margaret, died 1838. 
Janet died, 1864. 
Isabella, died 1804. 
Agnes, died 1805. 

All unmarried. 

James Lorimer of Kellyfield, born 4 Nov. 
1818. Called to the Bar 1845. Lyon 
Clerk and Keeper of the Records of the 
Lyon Court, 1848. Professor of Public 
Law in the University of Edinburgh, 
18G2. Married 1851 Hannah, elder 
daughter of John Riddle Stodart, Writer 
to Her Majesty's Signet, a Magistrate of 
the City of Edinburgh and in the Com- 
mission of the Peace, son of Robert Sto- 
dart of Kailzie,co. Peebles, and Ormiston, 
co. Edinburgh. Kellyfield has been 
recentlv sold. 

Thomas Webster Lorimer, resident at 
Mount Rule, Isle of Man, born 2 June, 
1820. Married Elizabeth-Feraie, 
daughter of Henry P. Palmer, M.D., 
and has issue : — James ; Thomas-Hay ; 
.Maxwell; Mary-Ferme ; Janet-Web- 
ster, m. 1875 Colin Campbell, Rhodes, 
East Lothian ; Elizabeth-Hannah, m. 
1875 Rev. William Frederick Drury, 
Vicar of Holv Trinity, Burton- upon- 
Trent; Margaret-Anne; Harriet; 
Emma-Jane'; Laura-Fanny; Xorma- 

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James, b. 4 John Henry, b. Robert Stodart, Hannah- Janet- Caroline. 
July', 1*53. 12 Aug. 1^56. b. 1 Nov. 1864. Cassels. Alice. Louise. 

Arms, Parted per cheveron gules and or, two spurs paleivays rowels downwards 
buckled and strapped of the second in chief, and a horse courant at liberty sable in 
base, impaling Stodaet and TURNBULL quarterly. Crest, Two eagles' -wings con- 
joined and expanded proper, surmounted of a cross crosslctfitchee gules. 

There is given in Burke's General Armory another coat for Lorimer, Scotland, 
but it is unauthorized, and appears to be founded on the arms of the English 

Lorimers are to be found as oWners of land in the county of Edinburgh at .the 
beginning of the 15th century, and in Stirlingshire in the end of the 16th, and early 
in the century in Banffshire, where John Lorimer, clerk of the Burgh of CuUen in 
1G73, founded a scholarship, the patronage of which he vested in his heirs, directing 
them to prefer those nearest in blood to himself. The Northern branch intermarried 
with Forbes of Towie, Fraser of Findrack, and other good families, and produced a 
Regent of Marischal College, James Lorimer, 10*2. 

Dr. James Lorimer was Principal of New College, St. Andrew's, about the same 
time; and Mr. William Lorimer, who in 1696 was nominated to the Chair of 
Divinity in that University, made himself notorious by preaching a sermon on 
"The reverence due to Jesus Christ " before the Chancellor and Judges in Edin- 
burgh, in which he urged the execution, which took place, of James Aikeuhead, a 
foolish youth of eighteen, for blasphemy. 

In Dumfriesshire the name is common, and one family held the lands of Flolm- 
head. while another acquired by marriage the great estates of Preston in Hadding- 
tonshire and Fingalton in the county of Renfrew. 

Robert Oswald, m. in Oct. 1042 Mary, d. of Robert Hamilton of Xewhaven, 
sister of Sir Thomas Hamilton of Preston and Fingalton, a Colonel, M.P., 
and Lord of the Articles. 

Sir James Oswald, merchant in Edinburgh, Tacksman of Excise and 
Receiver-General of Taxes, bought Preston and Fingalton from his brother- 
in-law, Sir William Hamilton, in 1681. Mar. 1st Elizabeth, dan. of Mr. 
George Gillespie, one of the Ministers of Edinburgh, who d. 1681 ; 2ndly, 
30 April, ltjs2, Margaret, d. of Sir Thomas Hamilton of Preston and 
Fiugalton, who d. 1G>>9; Ordlv, a dau. of Sir John Gilmuur. Sir James 
d. at Edinburgh 18 Feb. 1701*. 

Thomas Oswald of Fingalton and Preston, mar. 10 Oct. 1(397 George Oswald of 
Anne, dau. and coheir of Sir William Hamilton of Preston Fingalton and 
and Fingalton, Bart. Died s. p. 10 May, 1701. Preston. 

T \ I I I 

Roger Oswald James Oswald, Elizabeth Oswald, coheir, mar. James Helen 

of Fingalton of Fingalton Lorimer, D.D.. Minister of the Parish of Oswald, 

and Preston, and Preston. Mousewald in Dumfriesshire, and after- coheir. 

Writer in Died s.p. 1743. wards of Yarrow in Selkirkshire. He 

Edinburgh. mar. 2ndly Jane Sibbald, and died 21 

D. Mar. 1741. Nov. 1775, his widow 20 Jan. 1781. 


Oswald Lorimer-Oswald of Fingalton and of Craigieburn, co. Dumfries, 
succeeded his mother in or before 1752. 

Oswald Lorimer-Oswald of William Lorimer of Robert. Lorjmer'of 

Craigieburn. Succeeded Craigieburn, merchant 

his father in or before 1787. in Dumfries. .Mar. 15 fries. Mar.' 30 Nor 

Mar. Mary, sister and coheir Oct. 1772 Annie Carson, 1772 Margaret Car- 

of Hugh Campbell of Blairn- heiress of Drumcork, son, sister of his 

go»e- co. Dumfries. brother's wife.